Fart Jokes

The New Website

You’ve made it to the newer, shinier version of this blog (originally at babyoffcenter.wordpress.com). Weekly updates will resume next week.

As promised, here is my baby trying to figure out fruit:

Enjoy your weekend.

Diaper Change Merit Badges

Being a new parent can be a drag. If you’re a new mom or dad, you might be dealing with an identity crisis, rampaging hormones, a baby who… well… isn’t really that cool yet, and a monster where your spouse/partner/self used to be. Whatever version of new parent you are, you are probably dealing lots and lots of poop. And pee. And barf.

When I was dealing with the liquids of that first year, I longed for some sense of accomplishment every day. Some validation. Some way to show myself at the end of the day that yes, indeed I had been very busy all day even though I had no idea doing what. I soon realized that keeping checklists for myself of my accomplishments of the day helped a little.They looked like this:

To Doo List

Looking back, (more…)