What Am I Even Doing??

“I’m so sick of my blog. I don’t want to be a writer. Just like the last time I had a baby, now that my baby is one, I don’t want to write about babies anymore. But my blog is called Baby Off-Center, so it has to be about babies! Bleeechhhh!!!” – My Inner Critic

I just got the book Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk by Danielle Krysa:


She also has a blog, The Jealous Curator, which she created to showcase art that made her jealous of its artists. And dude, I can relate. When I see work (generally books with hand-drawn illustrations by creative women) that I wish I made, I feel so defeated. Like, “That’s already done, guess there’s something else I can’t do,” or, “I could have done that, I wish I had.”

ENOUGH! It’s nice to know that other people feel this way, even professional artists, but it’s time to move on.

I’ve been feeling like all I do all day is “mom,” and that I do nothing else worthwhile. But this is not true.

So from now on, this blog is just about whatever I want it to be about that day. I think it will center on creativity, but who knows? And while I may have the ultimate goal of writing a book about creativity and getting it published and going on a book/speaking tour that includes New York and San Francisco, for now I’m just gonna put. stuff. up.

At the bottom is what I wrote in my journal today. Sometimes my journal is the only art/writing/creative thing I do in any given week*, so there may be lots of journal entries on the blog from now on. But as King Triton says, So be it!

Here’s my page:

People I’m jealous of plus an awesome strong lady from the Athleta catalogue. I’m not jealous of her, just the people on the list. And kids’ book author Mo Willems. (Side note: Don’t feel bad that I wrote “my husband doesn’t believe in me,” he told me once he doesn’t really believe in anyone, so I’m on equal footing with the greats. Plus, what other people think doesn’t really matter anyway, right? RIGHT?!?

* My journal is never the only creative thing I do in a week, that was my inner critic again. This week alone I made watercolor goo-goo goggles, covered myself and my children in fake tattoos, painted my eyebrows pink, did glitter pedicures with my son, wrote multiple grocery lists (it’s writing, it counts), made a new (crappy) collage of strong ladies, and I’m sure some other stuff.

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